Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of terms

Welcome to our www.newwavedisplay.com.sg. This agreement has all the terms and condition that are affected when you visit our website and use its services. By using this website, you consent to all these terms and conditions. This contract explains and involves the whole agreement between you and us, and supersedes all before or contemporaneous contracts, representations, guarantees and understanding based on the Website and the content offered by or through the Website, and the subject matter of this defrayal.

Editing, Deleting and Altering

We have the right to delete, edit, or alter any of the terms and conditions which include in this agreement at any time without any prior notice. If you continuously use our website after the change notice or the updated agreement, you agree to accept and bound to our new or the rationalized concords.

Precision, Completeness and Timeliness of Information

The website is not accountable if details made available on this website are not fixed, inclusive or up to date. The content on this site is only offered for common details and should not be depended upon or used as the only foundation for making judgments, more accurate, more inclusive or more fitting resources. You can use the content of this website is at your own risk. This website may contain historical data which are not new and these are provided only for reference. We can change or update the content of this website at any time without any responsibility on our end. You are responsible to monitor any changes done to the website and its content.

Website Accessibility and License

The website allows you a limited authority to access the website and make individual use of it and not to obtain or change it, or any part of it, except with a written approval of our organization. This website or any component of it may not be duplicated, copied, sold, resold, breached, or exploited for any money-making purpose without a written approval of our company. The authority we give you access our website does not include any resale or commercial use of the website. It does not allow you to copy its content or download any account information to use for any commercial benefits of another business.

Any illegal use may cause to terminate the permission or license given by the website.

Product Descriptions and Pricing

The list price shown for products on our website symbolizes the full retail list price of the item itself. The list price is a relative price estimate and may or may not signify the existing price in every place on any particular day. For some items which are offered as sets, the list price may stand for “Open-stock” prices. It represents the total of the manufacturer’s predictable or recommended retail price for each and every item included in the set. In situations of mispriced in our online catalogue in which the device’s correct price is greater than our mentioned price, we will either contact you for instructions before delivery, or terminate the order and inform you of such termination.

We do not guarantee that item descriptions or other content of this website is 100% accurate, dependable, complete, or error-free. If an item provided in our website is not as explained, the only answer is to return the unused item.

Links and Framings

You have no authority to use our business logo or any other proprietary graphic to link to this website without any written endorsement of the website. Moreover, do not contain any autograph, logo, or other exclusive information, such as the Pictures, without our written approval.

We do not carry any responsibility, or do not represent any claim either directly or indirectly regarding the quality, nature and the reliability of any third party websites which connect with our website through direct or indirect links. We have no control on such websites, their content, links or any other materials. Hence, we are not responsible for any content change or update on such sites. You hereby recognize and believe the fact that we are not accountable for the accessibility to such exterior websites or sources, its material, such as, without restriction, any link included in such material, or any changes or updates to such material. If you access any external website through a link on our website, do it with your own risk. Any issues regarding any exterior link should be instructed to the appropriate site administrators.

Return Policy

We do not have to offer a return if you have changed your thoughts about a specific acquisition, therefore please make a choice suitably. If the goods are imperfect upon collection or delivery, we will accomplish our tasks under the appropriate rules.


Use this website at your own risk. This website is offered on the basis of “As is” and “As available”. We have the full authority to limit your accessibility, or completely terminate the accessibility on this website or any part of it. www.newwavedisplay.com.sg specifically denies all and any type of warranties whether conveyed or implied, including but not limited to the indirect warranties of merchantability and suitability for a particular use and any warranties offer on the website are no infringing, and guaranties implied from a line of performance or course of dealing; that access to the website id constant and error-free; that the website will be safe; that the website or the server that maintain the website are virus-free; or the information on the website is accurate, complete or current. When you download any content from the website, you have to bear all the risk and responsibilities. You are responsible for any damages or loss of data in your computer system that can be occurred when downloading such content. Any advice or information gets through the website either oral or written shall not be covered by any warranty. We do not take any responsibility or any warranty will not be provided for the materials on the website and their completeness, accuracy, correctness, usefulness, adequacy, reliability, and appropriate time.

Corporate Intellectual Property Rights

You hereby recognize that all legal privileges, exhilarations and designations confined by the Intellectual Property Rights and that you will not obtain any right, title, or attention in or to the website except as particularly set forth in this bond. You will not change, adjust, convert, prepare unoriginal works from, reverse engineer, decompile, take apart or otherwise make an effort to obtain the source codes from any of our services, software, or certification, or make or make an effort to create alternative or similar products or services through use of or access to the Program or exclusive information relevant thereto.

Non- Waiver

Failing of the website to require upon tight performance of any of the conditions, circumstances and covenants hereof shall not be considered a relinquishment or waiver of any privileges or solution that we may have, nor shall it be considered as a waiver of any following violation of the conditions, circumstances or covenants hereof, which conditions, circumstances and covenants shall be kept in full force and impact.

No waiver by either party of any violation of any supply hereof shall be considered a waiver of any following or before a violation of the same or any other supply.

Severability of Terms

On the occasion that any supply of these terms and conditions is discovered incorrect or unenforceable pursuant to any legal order or decision, such condition shall be considered to implement only the highest possible level allowed by law, and the rest of these terms and conditions shall stay legitimate and enforceable according to its terms.

Total Agreement

This Agreement shall be controlled by and considered depending on the substantive rules of Singapore, without any orientation to conflict-of-laws principles. The contract explains and involves the whole agreement between you and us, and supersedes all prior or contemporary contracts, representations, guarantees and understanding based on the Website, the material and components offered by or through the Website, and the topic of this accord.

Regulating the Law

Any disagreement, dispute or disparity which may occur between the parties out of, in regards to or in relationship with this contract is hereby permanently presented to the unique authority of the legal courts of Singapore, to the exemption of any other legal courts without giving effect to its issue of rules conditions or your actual state or state of property.