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New Wave Display specializes in all types of graphic design. Our expertise includes logo design, poster design, packaging design, various types of art work, marketing materials and corporate trademarks among others. New Wave Display is a one-stop shop for all your graphic design requirements. We can attend to graphic design that would be used across various platforms on the internet or on your website as well as those that would be used in printed materials, packages, products or on billboards, signage, flyers and any other type of print or visual medium.

Our graphic design services can be briefly classified into the following niches.

Art Work

Art work in graphic design comprises of any type of design, pattern or imagery that you would use multiple platforms. You may need art work for your website, for your products, labels, stickers, brochures, port folios or company profiles, presentations and newsletters among others. We have an excellent team of graphic design artists who specialize in all types of art work. Whether you want classic art work or contemporary, elegant or trendy, New Wave Display can deliver.


Designing is not solely about the graphic design and the art work involved. The message being conveyed, the manner in which the communication takes place, the first impression of a design to its exclusiveness in an increasingly competitive marketplace are all integral parts of graphic design. New Wave Display has extensive knowledge about every type of graphic design including expertise on the materials you may want to use to print the designs or the type of online platforms where your graphic design would be displayed.

Logo Design

New Wave Display has an enviable port folio of logo design. Irrespective of the nature of your business, the type of products or services you offer and the vision & principle that your organization stands for, we can create a logo design that would be loved by you, your partners, stakeholders and customers.

Letterhead Design

A letterhead design goes on to reiterate the professionalism of a company and a unique letterhead design can create a very positive impression. New Wave Display specializes in every type of letterhead design.

Name Card Design

A business card or name card should be more than just a mode of communication and sharing of contact details. The kind of name card design that we create will make a statement, an impression that will be indelible.

Poster Design

New Wave Display can conceptualize and develop any type of poster design. We take into consideration your purpose, the product or services and message and we adhere to your budget while coming up with the type of graphic design your company would best benefit from and develop a unique and impactful poster design.

Packaging Design

New Wave Display also specializes in all types of packaging design. Whether it is mass scale packaging that you wish to cater to or unique personalized packaging for specific purposes, our packaging design will address your needs.

Corporate Identity

Create a graphic design, logo design, letterhead design, poster design and packaging design along with name card design and trademark design to create a unique corporate identity of your organization.