SEG Pop Up Display

SEG Pop Up Display

As we approach the second week of the New Year, have you planned on your New Year resolutions? While we normally talk about personal goals for the year, businesses should also plan on goals that they intend to achieve this coming year.

Budgeting is an important aspect when it comes to planning for the year ahead, as businesses aim to be cost-effective in their business operations. Promoting your business can be quite costly as there has to be regular and unique campaigns to stay on top of the competition. In order to increase brand exposure and customer contact, more businesses have started taking part in campaigns such as roadshows and exhibits. While this is an effective way to promote your business, the cost of running a roadshow can be huge.

Our SEG Pop Up display is designed to help business save cost on running unique yet consistent roadshows.

Our SEG Pop Up display uses silicon sewn to the edge of the fabric graphic, increasing the quality of the printed fabric, while also allowing flawless double side graphic. The printed fabric will be designed to your preference, making it easy to display your brand and your campaign theme. It is highly customizable, enabling you to equip it with different accessories to decorate and personalize your booth. Adding a shelf or a media screen holder to your campaign booth has never been easier.

When running a roadshow, businesses try different ways to attract the crowd to their booths. With the backlit light system, it gives your booth a lighted backdrop, creating a unique booth ambience. Paired with a 3D Led holographic visual device, your booth will stand out among the others, creating an unforgettable sight to your customers.

Businesses run several roadshows a year, and renting a new booth each time can sum up to a hefty amount of cost. On top of that, the quality of the booth will change depending on the location of the roadshow. Our SEG Pop Up display is reusable, hence maintaining your roadshow consistency. The frames are powder coated to prevent rusting, ensuring longevity. Promotional roadshow themes change frequently throughout the year, as businesses aim to regularly attract customers to them. Changing the layout and design of the SEG Pop Up display is simple and convenient, as all you have to do is contact us.

Our SEG Pop Up display is easy to set up and disassembled, without any tools required. A whole SEG Pop Up display booth can be stored easily into a carry bag, making it a portable booth for your business.

Simple, convenient, flexible and attractive as just some words to describe our SEG Pop Up display. Kickstart your promotional roadshows this year with our SEG Pop Up display as we wish you and your business a successful year ahead.

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