Ultra Pop Up System (Australia)

The Ultra Pop Up system is BIGGER, TALLER and the world first original magnetic pop up designed in Australia! It uses the best lightweight aluminum quality with blue anodized frame finishing. Comes with both straight and curved configuration, Ultra Pop up system is easily set up just by one person alone in 10 minutes straight! Ultra Pop Up system also comes with the latest LED down light which only requires 25watts of electricity, cost saving and safe to use for any event. The 2 in 1 transportation case could be easily converted to a working counter accompanied with graphic wrap around print and a nice glossy finish table top.

  • Lightweight blue anodized finished frame
  • World first original magnetic pop up system
  • 10 years warranty on frame
  • Supplied with good quality hard transportation case.
  • Using Latest Latex print technology HP for full color graphic panels & mounted on non curl DEPET backing material
  • 25 Watts LED down light provided instead of 150 watts halogen which can be fire hazard on exhibition venue
  • Free wrap around print and gloss finishing table top to convert transportation case into a working counter

Set up size

  • 3×2 Curve – 2000mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×3 Curve – 2600mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×4 Curve – 3300mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×2 Straight – 2120mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×3 Straight – 2870mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×4 Straight – 3630mm W x 2320mm HT

KBA Training Centre-Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve EnerSys- 3X3 Curve Ultra Pop Up Liebherr Singapore- Ultra 3X3 Curve Pop Up NUS- 3x3 Ultra pop up straight



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