Brochures are one of the most common ways of raising awareness. They are easy to flip through, read through and digest in a short amount of time. Placing brochures at a strategic place where they are likely to draw interest for someone to pick up is a good move.

So what are these places that you should consider placing some brochures in? Here are our choices.

Hotels: Many tourists and businessmen patronize hotels as part of their hectic lifestyle. Singapore’s Hotels have very high traffic due to how many people move in and out of them every day. The general population of those who would use a hotel tend to be affluent, rich individuals and thus one which you would like to attract the attention of.

Restaurants: After ordering their meal, customers in a restaurant will need to take a while to wait for their food to be cooked and delivered, and some of them may need some time to digest after a hearty meal. A brochure on the table will give them something to keep their mind occupied while waiting where they can process the information.

Bus/Train Stations: Singapore has a wonderful public transport service that is used by a majority of its people every day. On their way to work, school and other areas, they will have some time to kill. Give them a brochure to read and they will quite likely do so if only to avoid sitting in the train and staring into the air awkwardly.

Here’s our choice picks, but there are certainly a lot more area where you can display their eye-catching brochures on a rack to attract attention. Be creative and think of some!

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