Roll up Banners/ Pull up Banners

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A Roll up banner/ Pull up banner is a quick and easy way to add color to your displays and is a great idea for seminars, exhibitions and in-store promotions. The idea is to make a bold statement among the viewers and roll up banners just do the needful by creating an interest in your target audience. While participating in a trade show, the competition with other stalls is tough to attract people to your stalls. Hence, roll up banners help in making a bold statement in drawing the audience to your stalls.


Why are roll up banners important?


Creatively created Roll up banners in their stands will communicate your story to the audience better than any other technique. Moreover, it creates an enthusiasm in the target group to visit you. Also, it creates a clear understanding about your products and services in the minds of people. When the right marketing is done on the roll up banner, no matter how far how stall might be from the entrance, the visitors will make it a point to reach your stall and try your product. Thus, it is a very effective promotion strategy.


Usefulness of roll up banners


Apart from being an effective tool for promotion and making a bold statement amongst your target audience, pull up banners are very useful. This can be understood from below:


  • Ease of use

Once your banner stand is in place, the banner can be very easily used. They just have to be pulled and out and there goes your exhibition graphics highlighted and visible to everyone.


  • Variable sizes

Banner stands are available in a lot of sizes, varying from a table stand to three parts walls. They are available in width and height suiting your requirement that suits all possible displays.


  • Travelling becomes easier

Roll up banners are convenient to carry and ship. This is possible it can all be packed and carried in a bag that you get with the banner.


  • Locations

Roll up banners can be used for indoors and outdoors. The ones used outdoors are the special ones that can withstand all weather conditions.


New Wave Display is specializing in display products and roll up banner stands is one of our fastest selling products. This is because they are unique, affordable, offered in various sizes and the graphics are outstanding.