When the founder first started the company, he wanted a name that is energetic yet simple. He thought of the ebbs and flows of waves. He envisioned the company analogous to the new wave that will crush the previous ones(wave); in Chinese, it is akin to 长江后浪推前浪. New Wave Display is the new wave that will create a resounding impact in the display market trend. This is why New Wave Display is also known as (新浪朝) in the Chinese market.

New Wave Display does not trend towards the traditional way of selling only trade show products. New Wave Display is also empowered with contemporary ways and beliefs of novelty, hence it provides a one stop solution for the customers – to design, to print and to exhibit.

Continuous advancement is natural for New Wave Display which seeks to be a leader in the industry; the diligent Research and Development team is always happy to introduce improvised and interesting products, even from the overseas market. These products trend towards a utilitarian yet aesthetic design.


New Wave Display Web Logo



The brand colors of the logo are blue and grey, both solid colours. No gradient is used for this logo.

The natural colour of wave – blue is outstanding on this logo. It epitomizes New Wave Display, energetic and dynamic in the display market. The letter NW on the logo is purposefully shaped to dance to the ebbs and flows of waves, representing the agility of New Wave Display to handle the different demands of the market.

The letter NW separates the icon into 2 parts, the blue and the grey. The blue part of the logo emblematises the mountain peak, symbolising the resilience of New Wave Display to reach the summit.