Exhibition Booth Rental For Trade Shows Of Any Size in Singapore

Here at New Wave Display we are proud to be the leading providers of exhibition booth rental services in Singapore. This is the perfect solution for customers who find that buying products outright is not going to be ideal for their company for a number of reasons.

One of the main reasons that we offer this service is because we know that display products can be expensive for many companies, particularly the smaller ones. Whilst they are going to be a fantastic investment for large marketing campaigns, they are not so much for a small one where you will probably not need them again for a while after just one day! Our rental service means that using these types of products is very cost effective. You will only pay for the time that you use them, which means you won’t be shelling out a ton of money for something that you aren’t really going to get a lot of use out of. Remember, in the future you can always upgrade anyway and make a purchase form us if that is what you wish to do.

Why exhibition booth rental for my business?

Even though we strive to ensure that the products we sell are as portable as they possibly can be, we know that many of the companies that we deal with will not have a lot of space in which to store them. This is where our booth rental service will come in incredibly handy. You don’t need to have a huge area to save your marketing displays. You don’t need any space at all. Once you are done with it you can send it back to us. It really is not a lot of hassle, and you will be getting a lot of benefit out of it for a very affordable price!

The majority of our rental products includes delivery and the setting up of the display. This is going to be highly convenient for the business who does want to spend hours and hours setting up displays before the trade show. Our service ensures that they are up and running as quick as a flash. This means that you will be able to carry on doing what you do best, and that is selling the products! You have to worry about nothing with us!

Get the best equipment for your next trade show

Remember, all of the products that we stock here are designed to the highest possible specifications. We only work with the top suppliers in the world. This means that everything we offer – whether it’s the R8 Exhibition Panel System or flexible, portable backdrops – has been built to last. Now, you won’t be keeping them around for long, but you do want something that looks fantastic right? Well, that is EXACTLY what we are going to provide you with when you use our service. You can’t really knock that can you?

If you wish to find out more about our rental service then please do not hesitate to get in touch with our staff here at New Wave Display today. Call our office on +65 6262 2190 or send a message via our enquiry form or through email to sales@newwavedisplay.com. We would absolutely love to answer any questions that you may have about the service, and of course, help you choose the best rental package for your business.