Q: What products do New Wave Display offers?

A: We have a wide range of comprehensive pull up banners & displays of the highest quality. Basically, all sorts of exhibition products and accessories that you need in your trade show.


Q: Can I rent the products instead of buying?

A: Most of the products are only for sales. However, there are a couple of products up for rental by popular demand. They are usually bulkier items, for example : Panel system, Tv stand, Large screen TV, ETC. Look out for more products for Rental.


Q: Why are your products so cheap?

A: It took us years and countless of experiences to find the correct manufacturer for each product. To further decrease the price from the factory, we would buy in a quantity more than the usual reseller.


Q: Why are your products so expensive?

A: Because we don’t import cheap and defected products like most of the other company that don’t go through proper  QC and probably wouldn’t last you till the next round of exhibition.  Not only we are very careful with our suppliers, we do our checks and testings of every products before we deliver it to our customers.


Q: Are your goods ready-stock or do I need to order and wait for them?

A: We usually order quality goods in quantity to ensure we have the best price.  We have a rather good sized warehouse where we store our goods. The warehouse/Showroom is located at the same building as our office and production unit. We believe that in having our warehouse near the office where we work, we can cut down the time use for transportation, therefore complete the end product in a shorter time.


Q: Do you do graphic designing for the customers’ products?

A: The New Wave Graphic department was set up just recently. Our creative director, graduated from Lasalle College of the Arts, degree(hons) in Advertising and his job is to lead a team of experienced graphic designers to produce high quality designs for our customers from a price as low as $300. For more information, Click Here.


Q: I bought the product, but I do not know how to install. What should I do?

A: We have a series of support and one of the easier way is to view our help video. New Wave TV shows you step by step how to assemble your products. If you still have problems, do call or email us. We would be more than happy to help you out!


Q: What printer are you using? Is the quality good?

A: We are using USA brand HP latest printer. Using latex printing technology, the print effect is not only just good, its marvelous. The end results : ECO friendly, odourless and weather-proof. Most importantly, it is safe to use in hospitals and childcare centers where the highest health control audits are. Find out more about our Printers.