Exhibiting Professionalism, the True Way


Our company joined the exhibition in response to the advertisement and the personal invitation we received as part of the exhibition being organized at Kuala Lumpur from Oct – 27 Oct. Apart from us there were nearly 450 participants were there exhibiting their products and services and the exhibition was more or less technical products and concepts by their very nature and implications. As we open our allotted booth with the flexile display making available all our products and services, people started making cursor glance through them. But as time passes by and people state coming to the exhibition like anything, our business space was literally flooded with people. Several of them asked questions of a multiple nature and many of them wanted to know the quality of our products ad its standardization. Smart and professional our service person were as they used to be found no difficulty in explaining each and every nuances of the product in great detail to the mush satisfaction of the customers. They found our products interesting and much to our surprise took contact details from us ad our brochures. And it gives us immense satisfaction much to the efforts we have taken that many f they have given spot orders for our products as well.


New Wave Display - Exhition At KL New Wave Display - Exhition At KL New Wave Display - Exhition At KL New Wave Display - Exhition At KL New Wave Display - Exhition At KL

We used the opportunity of such a business spot to market our products through the business ethics that we hold so dear to us in each and every layer of our company’s policies and functions and we have much pride to sate the fact that to our satisfaction the respective visitors also got a good picture of our company and its products. Needless to say that such a participation, in addition to building up our public reputation has also in a big way contributed to garnering good will from the people ad society giving us a great boost to move forward with our professional commitment and legacy of truthful service. Our products are of the finest one we can say it with little doubt for each and every one of the being manufactured in the best brands possible around the globe.


To a query in the exhibition hall from a customer regarding the HP printer and its quality, we can truthfully admit it is USA brand latex HP printer. We also have helpful lessons and slides for you to help in assembling the products and we even offer services and help to you in this way.