New Wave Display™ is always on the move looking for innovative display products. Our team of experts think that it is very important that the products New Wave Display™ carry are of the finest quality. If you would like to share in our vision and yield the amazing benefits that New Wave Display™ has to offer, then there are a couple of Distribution Opportunities that will allow you to get involved. New Wave Display™ is the sole distributor for Flexile Display™.


New Wave Display™ is now offering a unique opportunity to partner with us as either a Silver Licensed Distributor (SLD), a Gold Licensed Distributor (GLD) or a Platinum Licensed Distributor (PLD) in Singapore and various geographic locations around the world. This 3 stages of distributorship system ensures that our distributors get their greatest benefits so as to create a double win situation. Each of these options, SLD, GLD or PLD, is opened to both individuals and existing businesses that would like to be a part in the exciting world of the Trade Show Products industry.

Our team of specialists understand that our customers face different types of advertising situation and hence, New Wave Display™ supplies a range of products designed for varying needs and purposes to help our customers advertise and display their products, hence achieving the highest effectiveness of their campaign.

We have taken our proven product portfolio to develop an international Distribution Model that can be used as the basis for an “easy” start business or that can provide a profitable add-on to an existing business/company.

You can trust that helping our Distributors is our priority because this scheme can be consider successful only if our distributors are. We will provide you with all the essential marketing tools which includes the unique video presentation of each specific product, product brochures and, photographs and guides of the products.

If you would like to know more about the distributing schemes available with New Wave Display™, do Contact Us now.