In the world of designing displays, the invention of printers must have created a whole new paradigm. No longer must a single artist painstakingly draw each and every single banner that he creates, which is subject to fatigue and weariness if a huge amount is necessary. Instead, once a “base” has been created, it is easy to print out multiple copies of a design onto paper or other materials with little to no loss of quality!

But of course, due to the different needs of different fields, many specialized printers have been created to take in account the speed, quality of output and materials that need to be printed on. Learn about some of these so that you make the right choices.

Inkjet Printer: Made up of the word “ink” and “jet”, this method involves propelling drops of ink onto paper. One of the most common and “traditional” modern printing methods, Inkjet Printers can print images with fine and smooth details while being significantly more quiet.

Laser printer: Like its name says, Laser Printers carve images onto paper by literally heating it into place. Laser Printers tends to be cheaper when compared to Inkjet printers, but unfortunately they have issues with colour definition, especially printing large areas of the same or gradually changing colours, due to having only 4 colour tones.

Thermal Printers: Thermal printers are special because they require no ink. This is done by heating specialized thermal papers which turn either black or red on the areas which are heated. Thermal printers tend to be very portable, being small and requiring little power to run but as the image quality is not the highest, it is relegated to certain fields such as receipt printing.

Now that you have an inkling of the difference between the types of printers, this should help you make the right choice.

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