Exhibiting Professionalism, The True Way

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Exhibiting Professionalism, the True Way   Our company joined the exhibition in response to the advertisement and the personal invitation we received as part of the exhibition being organized at Kuala Lumpur from Oct – 27 Oct. Apart from us there were nearly 450 participants were there exhibiting their products and services and the exhibition was more or less technical products and concepts by their very nature and implications. As we...

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Cost Effective Publicity – FLEXILE DISPLAY

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FLEXILE DISPLAY The importance of the Flexile Display is that they can distinctively stand out from the rest and that too from other racking system .Normally such a Flexile Display system is a revolutionary concept for it has the clear way of advertising your product in the most effect way. Another highlight of such Flexile Display are that this type of advertisements will be visible to customers from the four angles possible and since they are...

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New Wave Display Pull Up Banners

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Roll up Banners/ Pull up Banners   A Roll up banner/ Pull up banner is a quick and easy way to add color to your displays and is a great idea for seminars, exhibitions and in-store promotions. The idea is to make a bold statement among the viewers and roll up banners just do the needful by creating an interest in your target audience. While participating in a trade show, the competition with other stalls is tough to attract people...

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Market Your Business The Right Way

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Marketing for the business needs tact and a little creativity. These days, it is very important to make sure that your business maintains its product and service quality and also ensures that it always remains ‘marketable’ in the eyes of the potential buyers. Now, the question is how to remain ‘marketable’? You might wish to go for traditional forms of advertising like giving a classified or a newspaper ad However, the problem with both...

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The Large Format Printers

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Searching for Large Format Printers in Printer Trade Show Large format printers are usually capable of printing a size of 17″ up to as big as 100″. Above 100″, we call them the Super large format. These printers are used to print billboard, banners, big posters, large wall stickers and decals and also the mega signage. In this episode, New Wave Display went all the way to Shanghai to search for the latest large format...

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The Best Laminating Machine

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The Best Laminating Machine New Wave Display had used many kinds of laminating machine before. The manual ones, whereby you use your hands to manually roll each piece of banner slowly into the roller. The China brand, which leads you to never ending problems, wasting lots of resources to get it right. We still prefer laminating machine made in Korea. Sleek, good quality and minimum installation problem. The question is, which is the BEST among...

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