When trying to catch the attention of passers-by who can be converted into prospective customers and patrons, banners are an excellent tool to accomplish your goal. However, it’s not as simple as just printing and forgetting about it. Care must be taken so as to ensure

Consider the size – Just like they say, a banner shouldn’t be too big or too small, it should be “just right.” Why? Too small a banner and it’s obvious that passer-bys won’t be able to read it properly or even notice it at all! However, too big and it might be too tiring to get the “full” picture of your banner. Try to find a size that will allow your customers to get everything in just a single glance, if you can.

Positioning is king – Logic will tell you that the most important information that you think needs to be impart with a banner needs to be in the center. That’s where everyone’s eyes will naturally be drawn to. Don’t make the silly mistake of writing your information in tiny font in a corner of the banner!

More Soothing Colours – We all know that some colours catches the attention of people better than others, such as red and yellow as they are “aggressive” colours. Does that mean you want to make your entire banner those colours? No! Because long-term exposure to them is aggravating, passers-by will look for only a short time before giving up and moving on. Instead, use them conservatively, and go for more soothing colours like blue instead. You will find it to be more effective.

With such tips in mind, you too can create visually appealing banners without needing to be a master artist.

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