The Large Format Printers

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Searching for Large Format Printers in Printer Trade Show Large format printers are usually capable of printing a size of 17″ up to as big as 100″. Above 100″, we call them the Super large format. These printers are used to print billboard, banners, big posters, large wall stickers and decals and also the mega signage. In this episode, New Wave Display went all the way to Shanghai to search for the latest large format...

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The Best Laminating Machine

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The Best Laminating Machine New Wave Display had used many kinds of laminating machine before. The manual ones, whereby you use your hands to manually roll each piece of banner slowly into the roller. The China brand, which leads you to never ending problems, wasting lots of resources to get it right. We still prefer laminating machine made in Korea. Sleek, good quality and minimum installation problem. The question is, which is the BEST among...

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