Budget Mini Roll Up 600mm Wide

The title is pretty obvious isn’t it? Our baby version of Budget Roll up comes the Budget Mini Roll up in 600m wide; this is most suitable for narrow hallways and limited shop fronts. It has never been easier to fit a banner into a small corner of your constrained space.

  • Compact and lightweight
  • 3 sections anodized aluminium rods
  • Anodized aluminium base with roller and single feet
  • Come with carry bag
  • Dimension: 620mm x 1700mm HT
  • Weight: 2kg

Hallelujah- mini and budget roll up River of Life- Mini Budget Roll Up Banner Infinity and knots- mini budget roll up Sparkling- mini budget roll up

US Meat Export Federation- Mini budget roll up1 US Meat Export Federation- Mini budget roll up2 SIS 88- mini budge roll up Coffee Hock -Mini Budget Roll Up

Children 's cancer foundation - mini budget roll up Nanyang poly - Mini budget roll up