illumi Counter

Light weight and portable, its sleek black counter top double up as a reception counter with a touch of sophisticated gloss finishing.
Illuminated from inside, the appearance of Illumi counter is immediately appealing to the eye.
With energy saving LED lights that promotes longevity, you do not need to worry about the high degree of heat emission or easily damaged light bulbs. Installation is also made easy with pre-fixed lightings which saves you the hassle and time to fasten fixtures.
Structure is easily set-up with simple connectors accompanied by tucking in the fabric sewn-on-silicon neatly into the frame pockets, even easier to collapse by gingerly simply pulling the fabric pieces out.
Unlike conventional counters, Illumi counter is effortlessly easy to bring them everywhere; simply pack them in the carry-on bag provided and you are good to go.
Illumi counter is definitely the ideal display and the key highlight for your exhibition needs.

  •  Flat and straight Dye Sublimation printed fabric graphic
  • Aluminium frame with connectors
  • Environment friendly with energy saving LED lighting

Set up size : 1200mm L X 960mm HT X 400mm Depth

Weight: Approx 17kg