Flexile Counter
Placement at centre-island of atriums and supermarkets has never been better with Flexile Counter Series. Not only is it eye-catching, it can also be view at 360 Degree angle! With added illmuninated lighting, it gives a dymanic appearance that is bound to make your products stand out. Made-to -measure is the key feature to our Flexile Counter, it could be customised to your required sizes.

  • Easy installation without tools
  • Graphic print mount on 5mm pvc board on all 4 sides
  • Optional material such as acrylic, corrugated board and kapaline board can be used
  • Supplied with good quality carry bag
  • C/w detachable wheels
  • Dimension: 1800mm HT x 800mm L x 400mm depth( other sizes can be customized)
  • Weight: Approx 12kg

Fassir Gourmet Pte Ltd- Flexile Counter Wisper- flexile counter Fassler Gourmet- flexile counter NUS- Flexile Counter 1

NUS- Flexile Counter 2 NUS- Flexile Counter 3 NUS- Flexile Counter 4 NUS- Flexile Counter 5

NUS- Flexile Counter 6 NUS- Flexile Counter 7 People Association- flexile counter Brahvin- flexile counter

Kwong on cheong condiments- flexile counter Toppan Forms(S) pte ltd- Flexile Counter Toppan Forms- Budget roll upand flexile counter Topseller Pte Ltd (Hanwell)-Flexile Counter3

Topseller Pte Ltd (Hanwell)-Flexile Counter2 Topseller Pte Ltd (Hanwell)-Flexile Counter1 Heinemann Duty Free- Flexile Counter1 Heinemann Duty Free- Flexile Counter2

De Novo Design- Flexile Counter Meiji Seika- Flexile Counter Heinemann Asia Pacificl- Flexile Counter UFO-Flexile Counter

royal umbrella standard promotion counter Mediacentric Group Pte Ltd Nanyang poly - Flexile counter Nanyang Poly - flexile counter

SMRT-Flexile Counter SMRT-Flexile Counter1 flexile counter nus Flexile counter agent bong

Flexile Counter Sansesan Flexile counter SMRT (1) Flexile counter SMRT (2) Mei Heong Yuen - Flexile counter

Singapore Police Force WSHCouncil_FlexileCounter