Ultra Pop Up Displays – Perfect for Every Singapore Event

BIGGER, TALLER and an Australian first! The Ultra Pop Up system uses the best lightweight aluminium quality with blue anodized frame finishing. Comes with both straight and curved configuration, this system is easily set up just by one person alone in just 10 minutes!

Shed some light on your situation with the latest LED down light technology, which only requires 25 watts of electricity, making it a cost-efficient and safe option for any event. The 2-in-1 transportation case could be easily converted to a working counter accompanied with graphic wrap around print and a nice glossy finish table top.

The advantages of our pop up displays

Our units give you the chance to make a huge impact instore or at your next trade fair. With a lightweight anodised-steel frame carrying a 10 years e guarantee and bundled with an excellent-quality hard-shell transportation case, this is a product that will become a true asset to any business of any size, whether they exhibit frequently or occasionally.

The magnetic pop up system ensures ease-of-installation combined with strength and durability. Using magnetic fasteners between joints means the chance of collapse due to metal fatigue is sharply reduced, ensuring many, many years of reliable service in all environments.

Discover how our displays can help you get your message out there

New Wave Display gives Singapore businesses the means to reach more people than ever before. Eye-catching signage, robust and dependable accessories and talented design services combine to give your company an edge at your next tradeshow or public event.

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  • Lightweight blue anodized finish frame
  • World first original magnetic pop up system
  • 10 years warranty on frame
  • Supplied with good quality hard transportation case.
  • Full colour graphic panels & mounted on non curl DEPET backing material
  • Breaking conventional use of 150 watt halogen lights with 25 Watts LED down light which may poise risk  to fire hazard.
  • Free wrap around print and a folding table top to convert transportation case into a working counter

Set up size

  • 3×2 Curve – 2000mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×3 Curve – 2600mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×4 Curve – 3300mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×2 Straight – 2120mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×3 Straight – 2870mm W x 2320mm HT
  • 3×4 Straight – 3630mm W x 2320mm HT


  • From 30kg-40kg overall weight (including transportation case)

Civil Service College- Ultra Pop Up Singapore-Airline-Limited-Ultra-3X3-pop-up2 Temasek Polythtechnic-Reprint Ultra Pop Up1 Temasek Polythtechnic-Reprint Ultra Pop Up2

Temasek Polythtechnic-Reprint Ultra Pop Up3 Temasek Polythtechnic-Reprint Ultra Pop Up4 Asia Edge Pte Ltd- Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve-1 Minus2 plus Productions- Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve-1

Minus2 plus Productions- Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve-2 Minus2 plus Productions- Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve-3 Minus2 plus Productions- Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve-4 Semperit Investment Asia- 3X3 Ultra Pop Up

Templeton Asia Management- Ultra pop up curve 3X3 Hunting Energy Services- 2sets ultra pop up Codenomicon Pte Ltd- 3X3 Ultra pop up Curve F5 Networks Singapore- 3X3 Ultra Pop Up Curve

ICA Ortho Services Pte Ltd- 3X3 Ultra Pop Up Curve AVA- Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve-1 AVA- Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve-2 AVA- Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve-3

Frasers- Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Straight micron-Ultra pop up 3X3  Curve Micron Semiconductor Asia- 3X3 Curve Ultra Pop Up KBA Training Centre-Ultra Pop Up 3X3 Curve

EnerSys- 3X3 Curve Ultra Pop Up Liebherr Singapore- Ultra 3X3 Curve Pop Up Ang Chin Moh-Ultra Pop UP 3X3 Curve Kongsberg Maritime Pte Ltd- Ultra Pop Up 3x3 Straight

Semperit Investments Asia- Ultra Pop Up 3x3 Curve Singapore Aviation Academy- Ultra Pop Up 3x3 curve Springlilly Pte Ltd- Ultra Pop Up 3x3 Straight Singapore Airline Limited- Ultra 3X3 pop up

Nail Palace- Ultra Pop Up 3x3 Curve ICA Ortho Services- Ultra pop up 3X3 curve Singapore airlines (Curve ultra pop up ) NUS ( Straight ultra pop up )

Cantel medical  ang chin moh 2 ang chin moh Ang chin moh - Ultra pop up (2)

National Cancer Centre Singapore - 3 X 4 Ultra  Pop Up straight (2) National Cancer Centre Singapore - 3 X 4 Ultra  Pop Up straight Ascendas Roadshow Booth FA - Ultra pop up 3 x curve fraser pop up

Temasek Polytechinic Temasek Polytechinic2 Temasek Polytechinic3 Temasek Polytechinic4

frasers ultra pop up Health Promotion Board-Curve Ultra Pop Up jpg ultra pop up  creative holics Ultra pop up invisalign

Ultra pop up KBA Ultra pop up Singapore Airline RJ Media Pte Ltd Mylustre dynamic pop up (3 x 2 curve)

Reprint - frasers 3 x 3 straight Micron semiconductor asia pte ltd Ultra Pop up SIA Ultra pop up 3 x4 meritus hotel

ultra pop up 1 ultra pop up 2 CAAS ultra pop up



  • main-products-reception-counter-with-lockable-door-front-view

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