SEG Pop Up

SEG pop up is the latest fabric portable backdrop to our increasing product range. Why the name SEG? Because it uses Silicon sewn to the Edge of the fabric Graphic. Not only does this method make the fabric print straight, it also allows you to have a double side graphic effortlessly.

It is fast to set up without the troublesome Velcro tape of the traditional fabric pop up system. Graphic is straighter and flat with good tension. Frame is power coated in the ever beautiful white color thus preventing rusting. Have we mentioned the weight yet? It’s only 11kg for a full set of 3×3(225cm x 225cm).

The new innovative portable backdrop comes with many interesting accessories and even illuminated LED lighting system that gives you the lightbox backdrop! What better way than a lighted backdrop to get that attention during your trade show.

It can also be extended to form a longer or higher(up to 4.5m) without any special tools, just accessories to connect it.

  • Fast set up, as easy as popup;
  • Flat and straight
  • Light weight, 3×3 (225x225cm) only weighs 11kgs
  • Interesting accessories available, straight or L shape solution
  • 1×3 straight – 77.6cm x 225cm HT x 34cm depth
  • 2×3 straight – 151.3cm x 225cm HT x 34cm depth
  • 3×3 straight – 225cm x 225cm HT x 34cm depth
  • 4×3 straight – 298.6cm x 225cm HT x 34cm depth
  • 5×3 straight – 372.3cm x 225cm HT x 34cm depth

seg 1 seg 2 seg 3 seg 4

seg 5