Fab Wall Display

What happens if your event space is much bigger than you’ve imagine? Fret not, we have just the thing you need!

Fab Wall Display fits into any difficult situation when it comes to having not enough space. It’s simple and straightforward design stretches across a 3m landscape seamlessly. Very similar to our Fabric mural pop up (with no joining involve) yet different in its very own way, Fabric Mural pop up requires Velcro-ing of 2 sections together while the Fab Wall display involves a lot of tucking to get the Graphic up. Either way, is bound to give you a backdrop that wanted attention!

This is a suitable usage for mini stage backdrop or within a shopping mall atrium.

  • Consists of poles and aluminum rail
  • 1 to 2 person set up
  • Supplied with heavy duty carry bag & 2 x halogen lights
  • Using dye sublimation print technology  for full color seamless fabric print
  • Set Up Size: 2.3m HT x 3m L
  • Weight: 16kg

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