Outdoor X Stand

Ever encounter your roll up banner toppling off due to a windy situation? Fret no more! This outdoor X stand is able to withstand moderate wind condition with its sturdy water (fill-able) base. Graphic is specially printed on PVC canvas meant for outdoor usage, this way it will ensure fade-proof colors that will not budge, smudge or smear due to any outside condition.

Outdoor X stand is your ultimate choice for outdoor retail, crowded places or roadshow.

Use with either single side print or double sided print with additional poles

Graphic size: 70cm W x 190cm HT

Weight: 4.5kg(empty); 20kg(filled with water)

Built up size: 60cm/ 70cm/ 80cm W x 200cm HT

Saxo Capital Markets- Outdoor X Banner1 The Gate Worldwide- X- Banner Singapore Sport Council- X- Stands Kin Ball Association of singapore- Outdoor X stands

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