Fin Flying Banner

People come in all shape and sizes so does our products.
Introducing the Fin Flying Banner!
Not only is good for outdoor usage, the Fin Flying banner is designed in such a way that its unique outstanding shape will never be missed, who doesn’t want to be one of a kind?!
Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, the Fin Flying banner is fast and easy to set up.

Comes with 1 x cross-feet base, 1 x refillable water weighing bag for added stability.

  • Full color print on see-thru (single side) or non see thru (double sided) fabric
  • Highly portable and lightweight yet stable for outdoor condition
  • Heavy aluminum base with aluminum + fiberglass pole
  • Lockable base to prevent pole from flying off
  • Free water weighting bag for extra weight
  • Single side print or double side available
  • Come with separate bags for base and poles
  • 3.4m HT x 1.2m W – Size S
  • 4.2m HT x 1.4m W – Size M
  • Weight: 3kg – 4kg(base + pole only) Water weighting bag fill-able up to 7kg

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