Non-Retractable Banners

If you need a fantastic display for your next trade show then you will love the Non-Retractable Banners that we have on offer here at New Wave Display. Let’s us tell you what these are all about, and perhaps more importantly how they can benefit your business.
Non-Retractable Banners are the perfect solution for those that want to ensure that they stand out amongst the crowds at any trade show or outdoor event. By setting one of these up at the event you are sure to draw a ton of eyes to your stand, which is exactly what you want. They really do look sublime.
The main reason why people opt for Non-Retractable Banners over retractable ones is because they are designed for use outside or in crowded areas. This is because they are built with far sturdier bases, which means that they won’t be falling over all the time if the wind gets a little bit too high. They are also perfect for areas with a lot of footfall because you don’t want to be picking up one of these every time somebody knocks into it. You have two options from own range, some have far bigger footprints for the stand which makes them a great deal sturdier. Our most popular one though, the Outdoor X Stand is designed to have a base that is filled up with water. This makes it incredibly heavy which ensures people don’t knock it down quickly.
As Non-Retractable Banners tend to have a lot fewer ‘working components’ than retractable banners they also tend to last a lot longer as things don’t need replacing quite so quickly. In addition to this they tend to be a little bit cheaper. Don’t let the price put you off though, everything that we supply in our range is built to exacting standards to give you peace of mind when you use them.
All of the Non-Retractable Banners that we sell here are designed to be long lasting. This means that they have been crafted using some of the finest components and sourced from some of the best manufacturers in the world. This means that when you purchase one of the products from us you can look forward to an incredibly long lifespan.
Remember, here at New Wave Display we are also a designer and printer. This means that we will be able to help you design something to use on your Non-Retractable Banner display stand. We have the skill and talent to ensure that your banner display stands out among all of the other businesses that are there. Work with us and we ensure we will design something that pulls in the customers quickly.
Why not take a browse through the various Non-Retractable Banners that we have on offer here at New Wave Display? We are sure that you will be able to find something absolutely perfect for your next trade event, or even to get set up in your store.