Cartridge Roll Up 850mm width

When it comes to choices, our offer is endless. Standing at 850mm wide, this Cartridge Roll Up allow users to have just one structure with multiple graphic. Its matt silver body completed with chrome side trimmings is the perfect design for every company needs. Do see our video tab for the set up and changing of cartridge.

  • Interchangeable graphic print
  • Allow users to have just one structure with multiple graphic
  • Print on good quality yupo or grey back blockout material (non curl) with matt lamination
  • Supplied with good quality padded nylon carry bag
  • Set Up Size: 2000mm HT x 850mm L x 200mm Depth
  • Weight: 4.5kg (approx)

NUS- Cartridge Roll Up NUS Business School- Catridge Roll Up Hunting Energy Services- Cartridge roll up bannerAmicra Microtechnologies Gmbit- Cartridge Roll Up

F5 Networks Singapore- cartridge roll up CNP- cartridge roll up2 Comfort DelCro Rent-A-Car- Cartridge roll up1 Comfort DelCro Rent-A-Car- Cartridge roll up2

Wacker Chemical- cartridge roll up Wacker Chemical- cartridge roll up2 NIE-Cruise Roll Up NIE_Cartridge Roll Up

Catridge roll up 1 Catridge roll up 2